Galeria Casa Cuadrada

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Vanessa Barragão
Cirque de la mer

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Renato Costa
Herie, horie, cras

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Hugo Carrillo
El niño que no quería odiar

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Martin Mancera

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John Geoffrey Sánchez
Juego de sombras


The audience of our contemporary art exhibitions has increased considerably during the last years, generating not only awareness about the local art scene, but also increasing the foreign interest in the Colombian art. Since 1998, when Casa Cuadrada Gallery opened its doors for the first time, we have dedicated ourselves to create a plattaform to connectt contemporary art practices with new audiences, becoming the axis of new processes, movements and approaches that have been renewing the Colombian Art. We have favored many artists who have exhibited in Casa Cuadrada gallery, several of them have projected their careers and have turned this cultural space into a window for young artists. With our experience of more than fourteen years, we have generated processes where foreign artists have participated, within a program of exchange of exhibitions between galleries and institutions that support projects worldwide; We are currently developing agreements with institutions in Europe to work together projects in the area of Fine Arts.


Galeria Casa Cuadrada
Carrera 7 # 83 – 20
110221 Bogota

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Manuel Espinosa

Luis Octavio Almanza Quintero

Matheew Carrillo Marentes