AOA;87 is a gallery for contemporary art representing a wide array of contemporary masters and emerging artists across genres and styles.

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Bodo Korsig
head 1

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Bodo Korsig
traces of live

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Margarete Adler
Fly bird, fly | Portrait Juliana


AOA;87 displays in rotating solo and group exhibitions a selection of emerging and renowned contemporary artists, alongside secondary market artworks, including: Alex Katz, Bodo Korsig, Giuseppe Veneziano, Heiner Meyer, Helga Schmidhuber, Holger Schmidhuber, Imi Knoebel, Margarete Adler, XOOOOX, and many more.


Austraße 14
Bavaria 96047 Bamberg

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Angela Kohlrusch

Anja Niesler

Gioannina Mosimann

Bodo Korsig