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Antonio D. de Haro
La Columna Perdida
Translated to "The Lost Column".

It is an underwater seascape with a powerful composition in terms of lifetime. At first glance we see colorful and abundant corals, and lots of flora and fauna signaling a vivid and busy underwater scenery.

On the left side, the coral reef clearly invites different creatures to interact with each other. The artist captures that specific moment of harmony among all lives and with great dexterity depicts it in his Masterpiece. 

As we move to the center and right side of the painting, the coral reef brightens up, excitemnt builds, corals flourish and rapidly grow to a vibrant underwater garden which absolutely delights the viewer and surrenders to share a secret that it is next to be revealed. A lost column under the sea. 

Past the first glance of obsrvation, the unveiling of the Column takes place.

Notice, that the column is shy, and it hides behind the flora and fauna. It is a stone column decorated with rich ornaments that commingle with mature corals pointing out the ancient attributes of the remains of a temple under the sea. This also explains the harmony among all lives depicted in this oil on canvas.

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