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Oliver Cole is a Contemporary Gallery based in Miami. Featuring Modern, Street and Pop Art.

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Sebastiaan Knot
N 62289
Knot's approach to photography is unconventional; he uses light as the subject matter itself rather than using it to make something visible. He emphasizes the organic nature of the forms and the interplay between light and space by creating illusory geometries without any digital manipulation.

Knot's work is created in his studio, where he places a composition of simple shapes surrounded by studio lamps with different color filters. When shooting, the composition is illuminated simultaneously, resulting in a unique shot with scattered light, shadows, and mixed colors. This process creates a unique visual experience that challenges the viewer's perception of reality. Knot's work invites the viewer to immerse themselves in a world of vibrant abstractions.Inspired by the Light and Space movement of the 1960s and the work of artists like James Turrell, Knot seeks to create works that transcend the physical world and transport the viewer to a realm of pure sensation. He is drawn to the simplicity and purity of geometric forms and believes that the interaction of these forms with light can reveal hidden dimensions and possibilities. Through his work, Knot hopes to expand the viewer's understanding of the world around them and challenge them to see beyond the surface level of things.

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Casper Brindle
Light Glyph Vacuum Form Blue


Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery based in Miami.

Our current program includes emerging, mid-career, and critically recognized established International Artists.

Oliver, a Founder and Chief Curator of Oliver Cole Gallery, has been involved in the art industry for the past 37 years.
In 1996, after receiving a Master Degree in Fine Art and becoming the recipient of the prestigious Traveling School Award from the prominent Ivy League School in Boston, Oliver relocated to New York City where he spent the next eight years working on various Curatorial Projects.

In 2004 Oliver opened his first Gallery in Miami Beach.

Today, Oliver Cole Gallery is fully dedicated to bring only the best of Modern and Contemporary works to a sophisticated Collector.


Oliver Cole Gallery
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Oliver Cole

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