Taglialatella Galleries

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Andy Warhol
Marilyn Monroe (Marilyn, FS II. 24), 1967

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Superhero Portfolio (Riddle Me This, A Panel of Experts, Piano Lessons, and Flash in Naples), 1982-87/2022

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Pop Shop II (D), 1988

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Marilyn Crying (Nude and Black), 2013

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Everyday Life, 2022


Since 1978 the name Taglialatella has been synonymous with Modern and Contemporary art in New York City and around the world. Exhibiting paintings, sculptures, and works on paper from blue chip names of the secondary market, as well as promoting the work of internationally renowned living artists, Taglialatella Galleries has become a destination for long-time art collectors and newcomers alike.

While New York City remains the flagship gallery space, located in a two-story, free-standing building on 10th Ave. in the heart of Chelsea’s art district, Taglialatella has expanded its program in the 21st century to feature permanent locations in Paris, France and most recently Toronto, Canada, with an eye to furthering that growth in the near future. Each location welcomes guests to enjoy dedicated artist exhibitions, opening parties, special events, public art installations and remote activations such as art fairs, mural festivals, and pop-up shows, among other projects.

Recently, gallery founder Dominic Taglialatella ushered in new partners to form a gallery ownership group—including Taglialatella Galleries' President, Brian Swarts; Director of Taglialatella Toronto, Alan Ganev; and Ink Entertainment proprietors Charles Khabouth and Danny Soberano—working together to bring the gallery and its locations forward and to future generations of collectors. With an expanding roster of artists, events, and quality inventory, Taglialatella looks to remain at the forefront of the ever-expanding desire to collect, enjoy and experience the art and culture of yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Taglialatella Galleries
99 Yorkville Ave
Ontario M5R 1C1 Toronto

p : 416 864 3850
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New York 10011 New York
United States

p : 212-367-0881
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w : www.taglialatellagalleries.com 32 Bd du Général d'Armée Jean Simon

p : +33 6 82 12 24 80
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