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Headquartered in Miami and New York, Contemporary Art Gallery former Contemporary Art Projects USA is dedicated to nurturing new contemporary art by providing exhibition opportunities and resources for emerging and established artists under the guidance of a curator.

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Michele A. Utley-Voigt
The Gilded
"The Gilded” is an embodiment of opulence and complexity, with a quiet, almost reverent aura. She is as though a secret is whispered through the room, inviting viewers to examine her complexity.

"The Gilded" is the epitome of beauty and femininity. Her allure is shrouded in enigma. Her features are exquisitely delicate. Her skin a lustrous porcelain that glows with an inner radiance. Her eyes, encased and framed in ornate, intricate gold filigree, encrusted with jewels They hold a mysterious wisdom, a story yet untold.

Adorned in gold, she is draped in a cascade of roses and butterflies, as if they sprouted from her very being. The roses are soft pink, a symbol of admiration, gentleness, and sweetness, while the butterflies represent transformation and freedom. She is a juxtaposition, questioning if she is a prisoner of her own allure or the harbinger of change?

Her expression, captivating, she seductively looks the viewers in the eyes with a confident gaze that seems to say, "I am here, but do you truly see me?” A challenge, an invitation to examine not only her physical beauty but also the depth of her soul.

"The Gilded" was created in the context of transcendental feminism—a movement that aimed to transcend societal boundaries placed upon women and explore their inner, spiritual essence. The domestication of women had been a long-standing tradition, confining them to roles as caretakers and keepers of the home. However, "The Gilded" challenges this notion, offering a glimpse into the woman's internal world, which was far from domesticated.

In the painting, the ornate gold filigree that frames her eyes represents the societal constraints, expectations, and objectification that women face. They confine her within the gilded cage of beauty and allure. Yet, the roses and butterflies that flow from her being symbolized the resilience and potential for transformation that resides within her.

“The Gilded” is a reflection on the dichotomy of femininity—the external perception versus the inner reality. It asks viewers to question whether the woman in the painting was truly domesticated or if she held within her the power to break free from the gilded confines of societal expectations.

The painting seeks contemplation, a silent conversation between the artwork and the observer—a moment to reflect on the complexity of womanhood, the transcendence of societal roles, and the unspoken stories that lie behind every gaze.


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Eduardo Dayan
IMMERSION I, Amsterdam, NL
Entering the art of Eduardo Dayan invites us to flow and let ourselves be carried away into a world of geometry and color... of abstraction and definition... of construction and deconstruction... of harmony and order.

Although it is true that Eduardo goes through this exhibition with an objective and structured vision, the parallel reality is a search for beauty and exaltation of our senses. His proposal is governed by a harmonic constancy and an analytical gaze that he seeks to build, through an objective lens and a meticulous and detailed eye, a luminous world that resonates with a universal vision of light, color and infinity. 

DECONSTRUCTION shows us the architect who reconciles with the photographer, meeting two talents that emerge unified and magnified, where one virtue nourishes the other and complements it, where both vibrate with the same creative energy.

The work invites you to keep moving, not to stand still, to flow, to gradually discover what lies behind each piece, to interact, making the spectator a protagonist in it. All this makes the work a living entity that vibrates in tune with its observer.

Eduardo's creativity goes beyond the order that he shows us, goes beyond the continuous and repeated lines that lead us to infinity, transforming our world with rhythm and harmony through perfectly armed patterns as a constant in our visual experience.


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Agnes Zaszkaliczky
Emotions VI
Agnes Zaszkaliczky is Hungarian born visual artist based in Vienna. Since a couple of years, she paints mostly portraits.

Years of practice and education have helped her to reach the level where she is able to paint anybody`s portrait. She acquired the technique of classic portrait painting, which she learned of Russian experts. Therefore, when creating a portrait, she uses the methods of Caravaggio and the masters of old age as well and she creates the composition with abstract elements. 

However, for her a portrait means much more than only a technical challenge. Besides the appearance, the real objective there is the visualization of the character, the human being and the soul which is present on every face and expression. The portraits thus awaken with an ethereal complexion, and we find ourselves gazed upon by the eternal and the unique. She is not only inspired by the beauty of her black models, but also by the personal story behind them, which she always finds interesting, as the personal relationship with the models is important to her. Patterns and motifs are characteristic of her pictures, they often appear in the background, too.

She participated during Art Basel 2022 at Context with Contemporary Art Projects USA and it was a complete success.

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Agnes Zaszkaliczky
Emotions VII

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Amy Shekhter
Happiness Is
Amy Shekhter is an american artist with specialization in collage and resin. She describes this artwork as "I see this work as an insight into a happy memory, a childhood dream, or even a place that is an escape from reality. It is seeking joy through the beauty of nature or manmade objects, each color and texture holding a different meaning. It is about connecting oneself to nature in a specific moment in time. Using various materials, I create different textures and depth to give each element its own importance.

A cement bird frozen in time, layered beaded necklaces that bring the subject to life, the viewer can feel her confidence. The use of hand cast colored resin flowers that will never die mirror those personal experiences that one keeps for a lifetime.

With this work I hope to bring the viewer a sense of joy and wonder while also having them construct a personal connection using various elements. I believe there is a childlike aspect in embracing the little things that bring us happiness."


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Amy Shekhter
Everything Nice

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Arnold Miranda
Adorn Ourselves
Arnold began in circa 1988 as high fashion photography, and Surrealist portrait painting with an emphasis on the human face. He primarily utilizes a mixed media technique: which consists of ink, pencil, and acrylic on paper infusing both above-mentioned genres. Moreover, he has exhibited his work extensively in Mexico, Spain, France and the United States.

In “Adorn Ourselves”, the artist describes this piece as “The soul needs a body to emote”. Through our emotions we express how we wish to portrait ourselves in Society; we create our own scenery, our story and our image. Our creativity can enlighten and generate passion; living is just an acknowledgement of life.


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Carola Orieta Sperman
Gaelle is the result of a transformation of my sculpture (Deja Vu Granite) in a Bidimensional Art Piece, decomposing the pieces generateting a new muse and scene.

I used photography painting and digital sofware to transform it into a Digital Collage.

She has been selected by Bergdorf Goodman Gallery/Bergdorf Goodman Department Store to be part of her permanent exhibition.


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Carola Orieta Sperman
Douce Brise
Carola Orieta-Sperman is an Argentina artist who resides in USA. She refers to her artwork as: "In my work I like to express movement, to transform an inert

material into an object that reflects life, connecting to the shapes of organic forms that expand into an imaginary realm. Living organisms that perform in flowing unpredictable undulations, guided by a dynamic and free-generated energy. I use acrylic as a medium for my sculptures subjecting it to a thermo modeling process. My interest and desire isto observed and analyze the transformation process of how a flat sheet acquires a new state full of movement. 

My pieces are made from laser cut acrylic molded out in heat with thermic gloves, I have only afew seconds to shape and model the material before it cools down and returns to its original rigid state.

“The first thing I like to do when I finish each piece is to surround it, looking into the inner spaces, and focusing into the interior of the sculpture. I call it, penetrating in the heart and the soul of the form. It is an opening of a door to Infinity without beginning or end.”

She has been selected by Bergdorf Goodman Gallery/Bergdorf Goodman Department Store to be part of her permanent exhibition.

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Carola Orieta Sperman
Deja vu Graphite

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Evangeline Ang
"Art calms the mind & soothes the soul. “

I have always felt that behind every obvious there are always the inconspicuous.  Small details and the big picture go hand in hand.  This holds true in life and is captured in my work as I explore different mediums to create layers and textures frolicking in a sea of colours.  My artworks capture the viewer’s interest from afar as my subjects are usually bold and vibrant and at times with an optical illusion.  In addition, there are always hidden colours amongst the layers of textures which can be found when closely observed and a different experience emerges as the multitude of colours bring on a different interest.


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Fara Thomas
Lunar Eclipse
Fara Thomas describes herself and her artwork as"I am an Iranian American artist who has been painting with resin for the last 10 years.  In my painting I try to captivate the imagination of the viewer with my works, where reflections shimmer and colors breathe with transparency. My works are portals to realms of light and depth, inviting the viewer to journey between layers of glossy surfaces and the intimate dance of hues beneath.

With each stroke of her pigmented epoxy resin, I sculpt spaces that blur the lines of foreground and background, challenging our perception and evoking a sense of nostalgic familiarity. My work attempts to linger at the edge of memory, offering a glimpse into enigmatic yet strangely comforting worlds that compel us to look closer and longer.

My aim is to take the viewer on an inspiring journey across a range of colors. In my view, colors go beyond mere thought, offering a deep insight into my beliefs. This creation is more than just a visual piece; it reflects how colors can profoundly influence our emotions and spirit."


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Fara Thomas
Seed Azzure and Seed Blush

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Lara Alcantara Lansberg
Color Cover
Color cover is a piece that talks about identity, getting away from facial expressions, details of skin color or gender. It’s a vibrant piece that speaks about who we are as good energy drivers, we bring people together, we love honestly and largely, we are unapologetically ourselves. Color cover came in the moment of searching for my own self. Wanting to represent me as an image.

 Lara Alcantara Lansberg has dedicated herself to creating authentic images that tell stories, with a focus on conceptual fine art. Alcantara's photography explores the innermost essence of life from the malady to the absurdity, from the unrequited to the secret explorations of one's desire—good or bad. Her staged photography has elements of snapshot aesthetic, however, placement and condition of every item combined with her persona is curated to underscore a theme. Alcantara Studied at BARD College and NYU a Bachelor in Arts and completed a Masters in Fine Art at Bard College/ICP.

She worked with photographers like Stephen Shore and Andres Serrano, and as assistant photo director at Condenast  Publications in Time Square. 

She has exhibited her work internationally including various museums.​

Alcantara currently resides in Brooklyn, New York and is a mother of two. She teaches a Master Class guiding her students to unblock creativity within the frame of photography and coaching. 

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Diana Vurnbrand
Where do you Keep Your Crown?
My art portrays the complexity and uniqueness of women through resin sculptures and purses. It explores the themes of femininity and strength, and the intimate relationship between a woman and her belongings. Each purse tells a story of self expression, of quiet moments of self care, and of bold declarations of individuality.

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Diana Vurnbrand
My art portrays the complexity and uniqueness of women through resin sculptures and purses. It explores the themes of femininity and strength, and the intimate relationship between a woman and her belongings. Each purse tells a story of self expression, of quiet moments of self care, and of bold declarations of individuality.

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Jessica Feldman
The History of Our Fight (Struggle)
The History of Our Fight (struggle)

Struggle Women have always had moments of rebellion and change. We do not want them to see us simply as an object of desire, but we want them to see that we are much more than that. Each generation has contributed little by little so that women have more rights and freedoms, and it is thanks to those women who opened a path, that today, we have a totally different life than the ones they had. It is up to us to continue fighting so that we have more and more freedoms and equality and to think that what we do now will influence and benefit future generations. Here I present a collection of 6 pieces that tell us a little about what these great figures have provided us to improve our future. And now what's next? It is a personal response where each one will decide which step to take since the change is made little by little but progress must be made constantly.


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Maite Nobo
Big Celestials
Nobo is a CONCEPTUAL Cuban/American artist best known for her large scale textured solid color field paintings and “Big.”, an uplifting proprietary brand developed to impact lives worldwide. Through these platforms she is able to inspire others in a positive way.

Maite Nobo is an Artist and Interior Architect. She is known for being the creator of “Big.”, an uplifting copyrighted proprietary brand developed to impact lives worldwide. Through this platform as well as others, Maite is able to inspire others in an implicit way.

A series of mini paintings meant to stand on their own, be group together or hung as a “wall”. Like stained glass they are symbolic of divine light and color and represents truth, hope for the future, love and life itself. BIG is a reminder to follow our dreams and take action every day.  

Made of construction materials and supples on unique, virtually indestructible paper, weathered and distressed for six months, Nobo alludes to “building a good foundation in life”.  


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NONOS Mercedes and Franziska Welte OG
Aspen by Night

NONO is the collaboration of two austrian sisters called Mercedes and Franziska Welte.

The Series TONDO

The tondo, as a round canvas or relief, has a long tradition. As early as the Renaissance, masters such as Botticelli appreciated this form as an ideal frame for iconic depictions. This round shape allows a unique focus and creates a harmonious balance between form and content. 

Our tondos are inspired by this art-historical diversity and capture the timeless elegance of this form. Each piece is both a tr1bute to the past and a contemporary lnterpretat1on, taking the viewer on a fascinating c1rcular Journey through art. 

The round shape of the Tondo creates a harmonious unity, while delicate lines and colors establish a poetic connection between sky and earth. This artwork invites you to immerse yourself in a world where horizons unite, awakening feelings of vastness and harmony." 

Gold Tondo: Horizon's Embrance

Wonders of Nature: Silver

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Rosaria Vigorito
Formerly a NY lawyer and law librarian professor, Rosaria Vigorito is now an established and award-winning artist, who exhibits locally and internationally in different venues, including art fairs, galleries, government institutions and museums. She also loves offering her art to help various charitable organizations. Rosaria perceives her artist role as messenger, philosopher, outlier and empath. Her unique and noticeable style involves mosaic style fragmentation, raw emotive lines and vibrant colors, combined to explore various themes, such as the female form, portraiture, androgyny and the inner psyche.

The third of a series of paintings, this time in white and blue, which celebrates and elevates the feminine body – stylized, abstracted and fragmented, along with my signature lines -- conveying emotion and energy inside and outside of the figure.


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Luis Kaiulani
2326 Blue Cross-Lines Medium: Aluminum Sculpture
Born Honolulu, Hawaii,1963, growing up as a child in Hawaii,  Kaiulani describes his influence as a mixture of culture & nature, geography & philosophy.   His focus on color brings to life his work’s objective, Kaiulani  says, “My art is a metaphor for nature’s constant quest for growth through learning, experience and contribution.” And this objective is made evident when one looks at the color and rhythm that his works of art exude.

He is a self-taught sculptor, he seeks subjects that complement his growing concern with form, space, and color, where the presentation of  forms and symbols as subject matters illuminate modern existence as has been the influence of Surrealism, Cubism, and Abstract art. In his arsenal, Kaiulani utilizes various combinations of painting and sculpture construction methods.  Kaiulani finds circles and lines to have many variations and these variables allow him limitless options of expression. While creating artworks, Kaiulani transfers onto his canvas and metal sculptures a notable graceful emphasis that permits him to express himself and create wondrous masterpieces. One of  Kaiulani’s signatures is that he welds, cuts, sand and paints all his pieces , it all has to be just right.  To Kaiulani, even the canvas is part of the painting as the welding is part of the sculpture, from beginning to end, the attention to details during the assembly process  is the physical part of bringing a piece together. It’s more than a mind connection, it’s a physical connection. Kaiulani is always creating and producing in his studio, he is currently preparing various installations that will soon debut.  Luis declares, “My goal is to keep moving forward, to keep making works of art; I’m focused on making many more paintings and sculptures.”

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Sara Rayo
Dragus Congresus IX
Sara Rayo’s work delves into the intricate geometry found in nature, drawing inspiration from the ‘Flower of Life’ and other geometric patterns. Her art reveals the profound connection between the micro and macro worlds, showcasing how closely observed nature unveils a universe of geometric shapes. Using paper, she captures these intricate details, making her medium an integral part of her artistic expression.

Her journey as an artist has been marked by a significant transformation, particularly after her artist residency at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. This pivotal moment in 2012 steered her career towards a deeper exploration of art. Graduating from Pratt Institute in 1999, she initially built her career in graphic design, working in New York and Miami with notable brands like L’Oreal and Chanel.

Her father, Omar Rayo, a renowned artist known for his abstract geometric art, not only influenced her with his artistic style but also nurtured her pursuit of an artistic career from a young age.

Alongside this, the women in her life, her mother and grandmother, have also played significant roles. Her mother taught her to appreciate the poetry in life, while her grandmother, an aristocrat from Transylvania, instilled in her the values of self-sufficiency and resilience.

Today, Sara’s art is a harmonious blend of her Colombian and European roots, her father’s influence, and her unique vision. It reflects the intricate geometry that underlies the natural world, a testament to the diverse influences that have shaped her both personally and artistically. This blend of cultures and artistic guidance from her family has profoundly impacted her approach to art, making her work not only a representation of geometric beauty but also a bridge between continents and traditions.

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David Krovblit

Race to Paradise reminds us to ease off the gas and coast neutrally.

The collage seeks to bridge the realms of high-speed exhilaration and the delicate beauty of the botanical world. The Ferrari racing helmet takes center stage, an emblem of precision, power, and the unbridled pursuit of speed. 

Surrounded by carefully curated old botanical illustrations, this composition aims to evoke a harmonious dialogue between the mechanical and the organic. This juxtaposition serves to emphasize the contrast between the fast-paced world and the slower, more intricate rhythms of nature.  The viewer is invited to ponder the coexistence of power and fragility, precision and spontaneity. 


Deep Dive explores how our perception is changed by the different lenses of life. A call to be open to others ideas and flexible with alternative concepts; not everything is always as it seems.

With its unique visual perspective, the viewer sees through a porthole, into another porthole, then into a third dimension. The trio represents the threefold nature of humankind: past, present, future; nature, science, technology; mind, body, and soul. 

Vintage botanical illustrations in the collage create a sense of unity with nature. The porthole, circular in shape, is a symbol of life and its perpetual cycle. It is  like an introspective and reflective keyhole - you look into it but it also looks out at you.


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Mer de Glace No. 1
Sara Wight is an award-winning photographer who holds a BFA in Fine Arts from Kutztown University and an MFA in Photography, Video and Related Media from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. For more than a decade, her fine art photography has been exhibited widely in solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States and is held in many private collections.

This artwork, she describes as "The need for healing is universal and continuous. After the loss of my father, I began photographing landscapes as a means of accepting the impermanence of life within an ever-changing and regenerating natural world. As with all landscapes, Mer de Glace is in a constant state of flux. Its colors and characteristics shift and change over time. Capturing these landscapes in one moment reveals their ethereal beauty, and the truth that nothing is permanent."

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Sutton Sutton
Purple Jazz

The artists are a couple based in Mexico that they use the Technique of Threads. with their photography.

The result is a hybrid; we use a totally artisanal technique combined with high-tech processes. 

Buying the cotton thread is a challenge, since it is produced manually and could not be done with industrialized thread, we buy it from several artisans from different places in Mexico. The texture, color, and tone of the material will enrich the final result of the piece. The threads are wound manually on metal frames thread by thread. The completed frames are printed on complex printing machines designed for other purposes; we take advantage of them to create art.

Once printed, the actual creation begins: we cut the threads, we tangle them, we comb them, we create holes, we leave empty spaces, sometimes we unwind long pieces that go beyond the frame, sometimes we create braided knots and comb inside or outside the frame.

We play with the different layers giving visual depth to the work or contrasting different images printed on the threads producing a new meaning, we play with the perception of the collector whom one day will see one thing and the next will discover another.

The technique is complex, sublime, audacious to the eye, and that is barely the beginning of the interesting part: the content; which images are suitable and worthy of being captured in such a complex technique. We create ideas, edit photos, intervene with mix media, and go to complex methods of post-production of images, once digitally worked, we return to paint them, grate them, cut them, and do other artisanal processes; back and forth, back and forth.

The result, a large piece of a couple of meters created from simple threads; in front of us, tells us so much and communicates so much; given the diverse and complex techniques that were used. Only then we are satisfied. Standing there looking at it face to face, remembering the arduous process from its conception until we see it in front of us and how each tiny thread linked to another and another finally transmits what it has to say, there at that moment we are even happy.


Three layers of different images printed in threads cut by hand, mounted on an aluminum frame. Different scenarios, different materials. Several textures that are revealed to discover each other. Dangling cotton threads gliding to escape to another reality while revealing a parallel dimension. Threads that rest on links and ties creating a hybrid mix. This piece produces an organic sensation to the viewer who does not know, or doesn’t wish to distinguish where one canvas begins and the other ends: Black and white on the middle, colorful on the back and on the front subtle purpuras…

A unique piece that reflects the syncretism between nature and abstract paint each layer a new symbol.



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