Projects Gallery works with emerging and mid-career artists from around the world who utilize an unusual approach, as well as a unique use of material.

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Frank Hyder
A Blind Dreamer Reflection

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Frank Hyder
Janis Luminary - Blue/Red


Projects Gallery exhibits some of today's finest contemporary artists, including emerging, mid-career and well-established. Projects focuses on artists who practice a personal form of art making, especially with techniques utilizing unusual materials. We have a commitment to each artist's individual vision and mastery. Whether internationally known or emerging, each artist displays a personal language that provides a unique dialog.
    Founded in 2004, Projects has received both local and national critical attention for its high caliber of artists and exhibitions. Located in the heart of Miami's Wynwood Art District since 2011, Projects exhibits its core artists, as well as introducing artists from the Miami and Latin American communities.
    Since its inception, Projects has been actively involved in national and international art fairs around the world. Thematic call-to-artists projects, artist residencies and guest-curator exhibitions are part of each season's program.


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Helen Hyder