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Dalia Berlin
Menina Portal
This captivating work of art effortlessly captures attention, employing a dynamic interplay of light and color, inviting viewers to an immersive experience as they look through it. Each rectangular sheet features the negative cutout shape in the outline of a hand-drawn Menina pose, thus creating an arc. Each leaf is placed at a distance from each other and placed along a raised arch-shaped platform in black acrylic, adding a sense of depth, perspective and visual movement within its surroundings.

The versatility of the work invites the viewer to enter the heart of the work, as a playful journey that provides, among other things, the color of the proposal, the different acrylic layers and the essential participation of light, where it produces a very shadow effect. dynamic as a complement to the work itself

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Ibrahim Demir
The God we trust
Ibrahim Demir's current work is a construction based on universal concepts complementing the materialization of the human figure. His inspiration is from musical works or works of literature that are essentially represented in the creation of figures.

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Marcela Solana
The work of Marcela Solana reminds us of the still valid postulates of Pop Art that took up social facts such as the precipitous increase in population, the brutal management of information for the masses, the recent media and new technologies. Without a doubt, we continue to live under the same reality, perhaps more surpassed than that experienced by icons of the Pop era such as Andy Warhol. Today, not only are we millions of humans who populate the Earth, but we are also bombarded with endless data, we have access to new technological devices, whose useful life is more than ephemeral, and we are witnesses of the fanaticism for the stars media and famous places. All of this, ultimately, is reflected in the author's proposal.

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Angee Ferrin

When I moved away for college, I immersed myself into the arts and ever since painting became my

passion, exploring and studding different techniques I found myself identified with the Neo

Impressionism's pointillism which I adopted and adapted creating and defining my style.

When I am painting, I challenge myself to explore the multiple paths of colors and shapes

incorporating dots to fill and delineate textures.

Predominantly my artwork combines vibrant colors establishing a surreal interpretation of the

subject leading the eyes to the open door of the imagination.

My pointillism work can take up to 6 months to be completed, each dot is completely handmade

free style on canvas o wood.

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Irma Strauss
Female polution
Born in Bogotá Colombia in 1963, she works on canvas, paper, and wood; with oils, watercolors, inks, pastels, acrylics and mainly with her own mixed technique. Her work is natural and symbolic, the theme is mostly vegetable, organic textures with the unlimited color of nature in the foreground and accompanied by faces that personify the plants’ souls.



The biosphere is a mantle of light visible in water and vegetation, it is Mother Nature in the essence of the earth and plants, it is the soul of water and life. It is the Mother Sea of the Koguis, the Danann of the Celts and Amaterasu of Shinto. That image is represented in the forests’ and jungles’ chiaroscuros, in the millions of greens of the aerial shots of the natural mantle. The mother weaves warps on the ground and clothing of natural spirits, in the oil stains on the bark of trees, in the watercolors of the leaves, in the acrylics of the textures of the earth and in the oil and pastel of the eyes that they appear beyond what we can see. Each fragment of the natural environment is outlined in leaves and flowers, like the appearance of an oil lamp in reds and violets and in honey eyes of elemental spirit; and is shaded, with the light filtered in the leaves, with spots on threads and papers or woods equal to those of the old icons. That illusion of light creates a game of color that makes the plane look pretentious, three-dimensional, symbolist, with vegetable attires in painting and drawing or chlorophyll skinned.

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Nathanel Cox

Man has a natural inclination to explore. Whether it be pushing the boundaries of our technical limitations or seeking to map out the world and the galaxy, exploration is a staple of the human experience. As a classically trained engineer, I can attest to this statement. Through my photography, I seek to merge the technicality of digital photography and the beauty of nature in order to inspire the viewer to travel and

expand one’s horizons. 


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Mimi Portugal

"The series 'Rivers, Lakes and Seas' is a constant source of inspiration for me. 

Water, with its hypnotic movements, bubbles, and inhabitants, always sparks my creativity. Whether depicting a winding river, the vast sea, or the tranquility of a lake, the paint flows, guiding me to create unique forms, both real and imaginary.

In this abstract art, the viewer becomes the architect of their own interpretation, allowing each piece to be a personal and unique experience.

 Exploring the uncharted is the essence of my artistic expression.

When I start this series, I envision the colors of water that I adore. The greens and turquoises, the blues and grays. 

I imagine the subaqueous shapes of water with its dancing bubbles and ripples, accompanied by the ever-changing reflections of colors. 

I use acrylics and acrylic inks to define certain details, aiming to create captivating contrasts. Each large piece is adorned with numerous details, where each one stands as a unique work of art in its own right.”

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Luis Cabrera
Conflicto sentimental
Luis Cabrera Hernandez was born in Havana on May 30, 1956. He begins in the plastic arts

through the humor. In 1969 his first caricature was published in the humorous weekly

“Palante” and the following year he obtained the 1st. Prize in the White Humor category at

the 1st National Humor Show Horacio Rodríguez. In 1970 he entered the San Alejandro

National Academy of Fine Arts. Between 1977 and 1982 he finalizes his university education

at the Higher Institute of Art, graduating with a specialty in printmaking. In 1985 he

completes postgraduate studies at the Higher Institute for Graphics and Book Art in Leipzig


Luis Cabrera Hernandez is a member of the Experimental Graphic Workshop of Havana, of

the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba and has the category of Assistant Professor of the

Printmaking Department of the Higher Institute of Art.

He has lived in Madrid since 1993. He has illustrated for magazines, newspapers and books

in Spain, and is currently a professor of lithography and xylography at the School of

Printmaking and Graphic Design at the Royal Mint.

Luis Cabrera Hernandez collaborated in the technical consultancy of the Spanish film Goya

in Bordeaux, directed by Carlos Saura and starring Francisco (Paco) Rabal.


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