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Malcolm Liepke
Blue Hat

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Matteo Massagrande
Colline verso il mare


Pontone Gallery is an international contemporary art gallery created by the merging of the Albemarle Gallery (est. 1996) with its contemporary associate Shine Artists (est. 2011). Pontone Gallery represents an array of innovative artists, bringing together new and inspiring voices on the contemporary art scene. Through a diverse programme of exhibitions, Pontone Gallery promotes both emerging and recognised artists, presenting artwork that is distinguished by its quality, originality and creativity. To complement the programme of our flagship space in Chelsea, Pontone Gallery hosts exhibitions in promising new spaces and at art fairs worldwide.


Pontone Gallery
43 Cadogan Gardens
SW3 2TB London
United Kingdom

p : +44 (0)20 7730 8777
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Domenic Pontone

Alessandro Lorenzetti

Mati Gibbs

Sandra Veinla