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Panoptic #5 Heart Machine

Introduced the fascination for moving images transmitted (initially

live and then also delayed) by screens inserted in domestic

appliances, into most homes of a contemporary world that today

appears to us with a certain nostalgia. Unlike the enchantment,

spell, the object of daydream and even seduction, as Gaston

Bachelard announced, of a campfire, around which clans and

human groups have gathered throughout history to awaken the

construction of their myths; the dazzling television broadcasts

captured people from a single mono-channel channel that, rather

than a two-way media (which would come somewhat later),

became a network centrally distributed from institutional nodes

that, hiding their biases under a false membrane of objectivity,

were useful for the totalitarian dissemination of cultural and political


Gonzalo Garcia's series "Panopticopias" deploys, with a set of

images skillfully made with the large-format watercolor technique,

an effective metaphor that points to that bias, enormously

dystopian: a sign of those surfaces swept with a beam of electronic

light that generates dynamic images, initially closed to interactions,

and capable of producing early, effectively, massive emotions (and

with these, the manipulation). Whether turned off or on, emitting

colorful flashes; and often piled up in larger forms of compact

appearance, what seems to be represented under a certain

retro-futuristic aesthetics, is that behind these simultaneous

discourses, supposedly multiple, there is a single emitter (even if

with many faces).

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Thus,faced with the need to discovery our artists' way of communicating. I deem it appropiate,after a careful analisys,to be able to insert Maquiamelo's pictorical research ,and presented in this Unconfined collection,in the open and shareable group of the Geek art.

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Javier Vanegas
VIP 1.Nicolas Morot

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Romina Graziani
Nuevos Mares

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Kiseok Kim
Plastic Series


The Colour Senses Projec tIs an art collective founded in the heart of Allapattah located in the city of Miami It is dedicated to promote an artistic movement in the area with programs created specifically for this purpose so they can have positive impact.


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